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there isn't a better name for us.



Here's how it all went down.

yes, we really were hungover.

So here’s how it went down.


We’ve got the classic tale of 3 best friends that anyone could have - married couple Brittney and Justin - owners of Pickles Pub in Ocean City, Maryland and their bff, John - the plus one. They’ve lived together, laughed together, worked together, cried together, moved to Florida together, taken too many shots together - you name it,

they have done it together...or not, believe what you want.


The happily married couple awoke one extremely hungover morning, searching desperately through the refrigerator for something to cure such a torturous state. To their dismay, all that was in it was a half empty jar of pickles and a bottle of tequila. They decided mixing the two together was worth a shot - and thus,

The Original Pickle Shot® was born.


What started as an idea born out of desperation became a cult favorite at Pickles Pub, the locals watering hole in OCMD. To give their customers the best possible pickle shot experience, they sought out the perfect brine and replaced the tequila with a handcrafted, small batch vodka to create what you now know

as The Original Pickle Shot®.


A shot is all about being with good people - the ones you love through thick and thin, the ride or dies - raising a toast to the good times and sharing a few wise words to help you through the rough ones. This one goes out to all the pickle lovers out there and maybe the ones who never thought they could be. We hear you. We see you. We’re doing this for and with you!

Available in 50ML & 750ML bottles, The Original Pickle Shot® in Dill, Spicy, and Sweet Pinkle are now in 15 states and counting. With the highest quality ingredients making it gluten free, sugar free (only low sugar in Sweet Pinkle), no artificial flavoring and non-gmo, they give you a top shelf pickle brine infused vodka making The Original Pickle Shot® so enticing…that and it’s freaking delicious.



the bar.

The Original Pickle Shot® uses the same recipe of the famous Pickle Shot™ created at Pickles Pub in Ocean City, Maryland. It is the perfect combination of our 30-proof small batch handcrafted vodka mixed with our secret recipe Pickle Brine and offered in both Original Dill and Spicy 750ml and 50ml bottles.


pickle shots 

served in 2018 

at Pickles Pub

Ocean City



pickle shots 

served in 2019 

at Pickles Pub

Ocean City


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